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With our part-time online courses, you acquire the knowledge and skills that are crucial for the future viability of the company. The open program is particularly attractive for individual participants.

You should take part …

... if you
  • Want to bring economy in harmony with society and environment
  • Want to prepare the company for the future
  • You believe in a “better capitalism”
... as
  • Entrepreneur
  • Managing Director
  • Executive
  • Person responsible for sustainability
  • Business Development Manager
  • Consultant / coach
... because
  • Contents and didactics have the highest level
  • All relevant topics are competently covered
  • The focus is on practical relevance and feasibility
  • The mix of formats combines efficient self-learning with important exchange
  • There are no travel times and costs
  • You can also learn flexibly from your home office
  • The course is completely climate-neutral

Our courses are about everything

… and that is no exaggeration. We are in the midst of a tremendous transformation because the world community agrees that we cannot continue like this. It affects politics, it affects every individual, and above all it affects companies.

Our courses are about what constitutes responsible and sustainable corporate management and how the transformation process can succeed.

Online courses at a glance

Together with the Terra Institute, we offer intensive and highly competently moderated online courses.

The system change towards purpose-driven entrepreneurship

Everyone is talking about sustainability. There’s a good reason for it, because alongside digitization it is the megatrend of this decade. With this course, which is completed by the Sustainable Companies – Sustainability in action module you will get the foundations to clearly identify the type of transformation your company or area of responsibility is needing and how to build essential fields of action for it.

Sustainable Companies 1 Online-Kurs

Sustainable Companies – 
Tomorrow´s regenerative economy

2 weeks, blended online learning, € 1,400 plus VAT.

Successful transformation towards a sustainable company

As an entrepreneur or decision maker, you are used to initiating changes. The transition to sustainability is a complex challenge for companies. With the completion of this second part of the Sustainable Companies course you will have the key tools and frameworks to take the necessary steps with full assertiveness.

The course builds on Sustainable Companies – Tomorrow´s regenerative economy. However, participation in Sustainable Companies 1 is not a prerequisite for this course.

Sustainable Companies 2 Online-Kurs

Sustainable Companies – 
Sustainability in action

3 weeks, blended online learning, € 1,650 plus VAT.

Strategic and operational steps towards a climate neutral or climate-positive company

Climate change is a fact. The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely (greater than 95% probability) to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over decades to millennia (IPCC Fifth Assessment Report).
What are the possible scenarios and opportunities for companies in this context?
What are the strategy and operational steps towards a climate neutral or climate-positive company?

Faktum Klimawandel Online-Kurs

Climate change is a fact – 
options and opportunities for companies

2 weeks, blended online learning, € 1,400 plus VAT.

Resource efficient and future-proof with circular processes

Our way of making things is reaching its limits. “Take, make, waste” thinking is not only ecologically irresponsible, but also a waste of economic opportunities. Unleash a new “good products” thinking model, which are neither a burden for people nor for the environment, but rather integrated into their cycles. In this course you will understand how this can be achieved without excessive costs integrating the needs of tomorrow‘s customers.

Gute Produkte Online-Kurs

Good products – 
from “take, make, waste” to circular economy

2 weeks, blended online learning, € 1,400 plus VAT.

Comments on our online courses

Verena Pankoke

Verena Pankoke

Expert for working culture; home office compass for companies

The best I’ve experienced in a long time: Sustainable corporate management – the course at the Terra Institute by Stefan and Jan Urke!
In 7 sessions that build on one another, we as participants get a profound and excellent overview of the key topics. You’re doing such a great job that I wish you a whole ‘host’ of interested and eager participants for your courses.

WOW!! I have no comparison to any other online course. I think the preparation is great: from the texts, to the video sequences, graphics and links! Extremely high input, exceptionally good and varied presentation! Thank you for letting me participate in this course. Thank you for letting me take this course. It’s a very exciting journey for me.

Claudia Strzelecki

Claudia Strzelecki

Multiplier for sustainable corporate management


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