Terms and conditions



Our utmost ambition is mutual understanding and fairness. These general terms and conditions, which are the unique basis of our services, serve to clarify and prevent misunderstandings.



We provide coaching, training or consulting services, occasionally also by freelancers who are qualified and authorized as trainer / coach / consultant. The volume, form, topic and goal of the services are individually determined on the basis of the service descriptions. We provide services, in particular in the form of consulting, coaching, classroom training, live online training and e-learning.


Technology in live online sessions

Online seminars are conducted using a web conferencing platform, usually Zoom. We strive to achieve the best possible display quality, but ultimately we have no influence on the availability and error-free functioning of the software or the performance of the internet. Participants are responsible for their own technology. No claims for compensation can be derived from faulty technical functions.


Third party services

For services that we do not provide ourselves, we recommend concluding a separate contract with the respective provider. We are not liable for these services.


Open events

Registrations must be made in writing. You can register online, via e-mail, letter or fax.
Upon receipt of the registration, participants will receive a registration confirmation. The invoice is due no later than 4 weeks before the start of the event, in the case of shorter-term registration it is due immediately.


Customized coaching, training and consulting

  • Customer-specific services: The type, scope, form, topic and goal of the service to be provided are each contractually agreed between the client and us. This refers to customer-specific training (presence or live online), coaching and consulting services.
  • Fees and additional costs: The first meeting is free of charge. A fee for meetings, as-is analyses, preparations and other tasks that are to be carried out jointly with the client or third parties will be agreed on separately and on an hourly basis. A daily or flat rate fee is agreed for coaching, training or workshops and moderation. Separately agreed surcharges will be charged for assignments on weekends or public holidays. Travel and accommodation expenses shall be regulated in a separate ancillary costs agreement. All services are subject to value added tax at the statutory VAT.
  • Billing modalities: Unless otherwise agreed in individual contracts, 50% of the agreed fees and other costs are due upon confirmation of the order. The other 50% will be charged after the service has been rendered. Partial invoices will be issued for long-term projects. Invoices are due immediately and without deduction upon receipt. Offsetting and retention rights against due payment claims are excluded. If a date cannot be met by the customer, both contracting parties shall endeavour to find a replacement date within 3 months. If no date can be found within 3 months for reasons for which the Customer is responsible, the order shall be deemed cancelled.

Conditions of amendment and cancellation

In the event of postponements caused by us for providing the service, the following rules shall apply:

  • If we notify the client of the need for postponement longer than 14 days prior to the deployment date, no claims will arise.
  • If we give notice of the necessity of postponing the date within the 14-day period up to 2 days before the agreed date, the client can claim a 20% discount on the agreed fee as compensation.
  • If we give notice of the necessity of postponing the date one day before or on the agreed date, the client can claim 50% of the agreed fee as a discount. These regulations do not apply in the event of force majeure.

The following fee regulations apply for postponements and cancellations initiated by the client:

  • Notification of cancellation more than 4 weeks before the agreed service / date: free of charge.
  • Notification of cancellation more than 14 days before the agreed service / date: one third of the agreed fee.
  • Notice of cancellation 14 days or less before the agreed service / date: two thirds of the agreed fee.


Seminar participants and contract partners accept our copyright on the documents created. Duplication and / or distribution is only permitted with our prior consent. Elaborated documentation may only be used for the purposes of the participants or other contractually defined purposes.


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